Havalina House Near Joshua Tree National Park | Mojave Desert Retreat | Pet Friendly Desert Homestead

Havalina House Near Joshua Tree National Park | Mojave Desert Retreat | Pet Friendly Desert Homestead

If you’re venturing out to Joshua Tree National Park you may be bombarded with a ton of housing options on your getaway. You can camp, you can glamp, you can stay in a hotel, you can rent some bizzaro tepee tents, or you can rent a house. Since I like to bring little Lemon with me and it gets rather hot out in the desert, I usually opt out of the camping option. And I’m a sucker for unique cool off the grid finds, so I usually opt in for my favorite little getaway house in the Mojave desert…The Havalina House.

Havalina house

Havalina House History

The Havalina House includes a two bedroom one bath home and a casita. The casita was constructed in 1940s and is the original piece of property on the land. It’s a homesteader cabin that was part of the Small Tract Act of 1938, in which the federal government sold 5-acre parcels of land to buyers at a very responsible price. Many of the buyers were war veterans. The homesteaders were then allowed to build very small structures on their land. This is how the casita was born! Many years later the owners went ahead and built around the casita with a main house and courtyard.

Havalina houseHavalina house

Today the casita can be used as an extra bedroom or a very cool hang out space. I enjoy coming into the casita to do yoga. The room has a very cool vibe to it and there are a lot of interesting items to peruse. It’s a great place to sit back relax and enjoy the seclusion of your Mojave desert oasis.

Havalina houseHavalina houseHavalina house Havalina house

You can still see many of the original homesteader cabins around the area in various states. Some are well taken care of while others are abandon and look more like ruins. They are a constant reminder of that pioneer spirit that draws people to the desert. I have a favorite pink homesteader located close to the Havalina property. It’s fun to explore the abandoned cabin and it makes for fantastic photos!

Havalina houseHavalina house

Havalina House Today

Today the Havalina House is owned by Vanessa and Scott. The couple moved from North Carolina to California over 8 years ago. Joshua Tree was the last stop on their cross country trip out to California. They had never been before but had heard about it from the U2 Album and knew they had to visit. On that visit they feel in love and realized that this desert oasis was a very special place. They eventually decided to buy the Havalina House; they fell in love with the city life escape and enjoyed the silence and freedom of the desert.

Havalina houseHavalina house

They are also big believers in providing a pet friendly environment, which is one of the main reasons Lemon and I keep coming back! They feel that pets are part of the family and most people want their pets around when they’re traveling. (Lemon and I 100% agree!) They have a fenced in courtyard for pups and people to frolic and play in. Lemon and I spend so much time out here, she investigates her surroundings while I relax and stare out at the vast desert around us. And guys the best part is..NO PET FEES!

Havalina houseHavalina house Havalina house Havalina houseHavalina houseHavalina house Havalina houseHavalina houseHavalina houseHavalina house

Now let’s move to the interior of the house. Scott and Vanessa are very eco-conscious and wanted the house to be as green as possible. They visited swap meets and flea markets (specifically the Yucca Valley Sky Village Swap Meet) to furnish much of the house. They also purchased bed frames made from a local LA artisan that uses reclaimed wood. There are so many unique trinkets all over the house. I always spend a bit of time exploring and locating all the cool knick knacks. Oh and the beds!!! You’ll get one of the best nights sleep in the Havalina House beds. If you are interested in finding them for your own home they were purchased from Overstock and the brand is Slumber Solutions.

Havalina houseHavalina houseHavalina houseHavalina houseHavalina houseHavalina houseHavalina houseHavalina house

Havalina House Resources

Havalina house

Now head on out to the Havalina House; plant a cactus, gaze at some stars, and enjoy the desert! Adventure awaits.

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