Top Places To Eat in Joshua Tree | Best Food and Coffee in Joshua Tree | Where To Eat Joshua Tree

Top Places To Eat in Joshua Tree | Best Food and Coffee in Joshua Tree | Where To Eat Joshua Tree

If you have ever visited Joshua Tree National Park you know that unlike other national parks  there is no place to buy food within the park. No restaurant or grocery store options once you enter.  So you either need to bring all your food with you or exit the park for dining options. Because of this I thought it’d be helpful to share my favorite places to grab a bite and get coffee outside Joshua Tree National Park.

Top places to eat in Joshua treeTop places to eat in Joshua tree

Pie for The People

Pie for the People

Pie for the People is a Joshua Tree Pizzeria specializing in New York style pizza. They are located about a block away from the Joshua Tree visitors center on Hwy 62. They have been established since 2001 and have lots of experience in the music festival scene, serving pizza at over 500 festivals!!

Pie for the peoplePie for the people

They have indoor and outdoor seating options and a fantastic midday deal where you get 2 slices of pizza and a drink for under $10.00. The slices are large and they’re tasty. They also have a lots of options for visitors. Pepperoni, Buffalo Chicken, Vegan, Caprese and so much more!!

Pie for the People

Joshua Tree Coffee Company

Joshua tree coffee company

Once you’ve enjoyed your pizza pie you can walk on over to Joshua Tree Coffee Company to get your caffeine fix.

CoffeeJoshua tree coffee co

Located in the same center as Pie For The People it’s hard not to stop at both these places on your visit.

Coffee Joshua tree

Visitors can enjoy organic coffee delivered to you in small batches.  Even better they source Fair Trade and/or Rain forest certified organic coffee. And if you’re like me and not supposed to have coffee for health reasons they have low acidity coffee. Rejoice!

Joshua tree downtownJoshua tree coffee company

Yucca Valley Coffee House

This new coffee, market, and gathering spot in Yucca Valley is serving up some of the best coffee I have ever had the pleasure to taste.

Yucca valley organic marketYucca valley organic marketYucca valley coffeeYucca valley coffee house

Along with the delicious coffee they have a variety of organic treats to delight those senses. Fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced honey, cold drinks, and pastries . Your campsite will be thrilled when you come back with these filling and healthy treats!

Locally sourced honeyOrganic vegtablesOrganic fruitDried fruits

Pappy & Harriet’s

Looking for a little bit more night life. Venture to Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown. They’ve been delighting customers with great food, drinks served out of mason jars and some exception live music. Rumor has it Paul McCarty even played a surprise show here while in town for the Desert Trip festival back in 2016. Three hundred lucky locals and fans got to be a part of the historical event.

Pappy & Harriet's

While you’re at Pappy & Harriet’s don’t miss out on feeling like you’re in your very own Western. Explore the fake western town of Pioneertown, which was founded in 1946 by Hollywood personalities and has been used in over 200 Western movies. The idea behind the set was to replicate a 1880’s wild west town.


Today the buildings are occupied by local artists and vendors. The set was also used for the actors and works to live in while working on movies, so the buildings are real, not just front facade features ! You can also enjoy Western reenactments on the weekends. Lemon was not to happy with all the fake gun shots however. Poor puppy!


Couple notes: Pappy & Harriet’s is dog friendly, they fill up fast so make a reservation, and they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Other Options

Here are some places I have heard or read about that are supposed to be rather tasty. Check them out as well and let me know what you think!

More Things To Do

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