World Famous Crochet Museum | Joshua Tree Crochet Museum | Thing to do in Joshua Tree | Joshua Tree Art Queen

World Famous Crochet Museum | Joshua Tree Crochet Museum | Thing to do in Joshua Tree | Joshua Tree Art Queen

Joshua Tree has no shortage of quirky, diverse, and quite frankly bizarre attractions. The World Famous Crochet Museum is no exception. And honestly it’s a super fun detour on any trip out to the desert. You just can’t miss the drive thru Fotomat featuring ALL things crochet! Put the World Famous Crochet Museum on your Joshua Tree bucket list.

Crochet museum crochet museum crochet museum

What is a Fotomat?!

Well…before my time, drive thru photo booths were a huge hit and located in parking lots across the nation. Established for consumers to drop off their film without having to leave the comfort of their own car. They would simply drive thru, drop the film off, and return at day later to pick up their photos. Tada!

crochet museum

But eventually this drive thru photo business started to decline from technological advancement and the introduction of one-hour photo labs. This left a lot of these photo booths abandoned and eventually refurbished into things like coffee shops and small businesses. Or in this case the World Famous Crochet Museum. I absolutely love the idea of taking a piece of American history and turning it into art!

Visiting the Crochet Museum and Art Queen Complex

Just a short walk from the Joshua Tree Visitor Center you have little to no excuse not to visit the World Famous Crochet Museum. Take some time browsing the strange, adorable, and extensive collection of crochet creatures, along with the Art Queen Installations and Art and Clothing Gallery located at 61855 Highway 62 in Joshua Tree, California.

crochet museum crochet museum

If no one is around on your visit don’t fret, just let yourself in to explore. The grounds are open 24/7 to visitors. And don’t forget to leave a donation or make a purchase . It’s quite an eclectic treat in the desert.

crochet museum crochet museum crochet museum

Little Lemon didn’t even want to leave!

crochet museum

Want more Fotomat and World Famous Crochet Museum info?!

crochet museum

crochet museum

Enjoy the World Famous Crochet Museum! Adventure Awaits.





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