The Haunted City of Jerome

The Haunted City of Jerome

I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

Jerome… once a thriving copper mining town. Today a thriving ghost town!

Jerome has also become a popular destination for artists and has a large artist community. 

Hand Blown Glass Store with Daily Demonstrations

The town was founded in 1876 and shortly became known as the wickedest town in the west. Four fires destroyed the town and each time the city was rebuilt, most of the structures standing today are ones rebuilt from the 1894 and 1899 fires. 

Old New State Motor Co. now filled with shops & relics.

There is a lot of character in this old town and the historic buildings are a rare sights to see now a days. They also have ever so helpful placards to explain the history of the town.  

Structure still standing of the Bartlett Hotel

Lemon and me trying to check in to the Bartlett hotel! 🙂

The copper mine that once made Jerome so successful now sits vacant and silent. The saloons and brothels that lined the streets closed up shop and Jerome quickly became a ghost town with only 50 residents. 

Now Jerome is a fun tourist destination offering ghost tours and providing establishments with chilling names such as Haunted Hamburger and Ghost City Inn. With not much changing in the city in over 100 years it was definitely worth a stop on our road trip.

It was really fun to roam the streets and look at all the haunted decorations.

In the image above you can see the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel sitting on the hillside. This place is claimed to have a lot of paranormal activity going on. It has been on TV shows like Ghost Hunters and The Paranormal Challenge. It was once a hospital that shut down in 1950 and was closed for 44 years. Then it was converted into the hotel it is today. Rather eerie if you ask me!

Wish we could have explored more or done a ghost tour but no Lemonheads allowed!
We did eat at Hilltop Deli since they had a dog friendly patio. They had a special on pho, which we tried since it was a bit chilly outside, and it was very good. Lemon also enjoyed saying hi to the other pups on the patio!

Time to get our spook on and go ghost hunting.  Adventure awaits!

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