Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains

Vegas Baby!

Heading on home and I had no clue we’d be traveling through Vegas when we started this trip. But when I figured out it was totally on the way home,  I got super excited! A while ago I had heard about this desert artwork called Seven Magic Mountains. I’ve been wanting to go since. 

I had this place on my bucket list and knew if I was driving through Vegas I had to stop here…especially since it’s only supposed to be here for two years. (May 2018 is when it’s supposed to disapear.) Oh and I got super excited to stop at Mad Greek!!

It was also pretty cool that we drove through 4 states in one day! Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Cali! This has been a fantastic road trip can’t wait for the next one in January!

Lemon is exhausted. I’ve never seen her so excited to be home. She ran around the house smelling everything and checking on all her favorite toys. It’s pretty comical to watch. It’s like she never thought we’d be coming back home..or maybe she was just a bit too young for Vegas. :/ We’ll  wait and take her again once she can drink and gamble!!!

Well cross your fingers that the rental car gets returned with little questioning and we’ll be sleeping for like the next 238 days. #DoNotDisturb Ha! Driving and not knowing where you’re sleeping each night is exhausting. 

Go explore Seven Magic Mountains before it disappears… adventure awaits! 

2 thoughts on “Seven Magic Mountains

  1. Been following your blog/ posts lately .Looks like a lot of fun.Im sure pics don’t do it all justice but still great shots with you and your pup.My fiance and I would love to meet up and hike with you sometime.Keep posting the great articles and pics we love em

    1. Lemon and I have been having a blast, I’m so glad to hear you enjoy following our journey. We’re alway game to hike. Congrats on your engagement!

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