Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Adventure is making a comeback!

One of the world’s highest suspension bridges, Royal Canyon bridge, hangs high above the Arkansas River, in a 360 acre park. The bridge was constructed starting back in 1929 and has been a favorite tourist attraction in Colorado since.

I was surprised to learn while visiting that a lot of original buildings and attractions were no longer at the park.  A wildfire swept through the area in June 2013 destroying much of the park but miraculously jumping the Royal Gorge bridge. The bridge was left almost unscathed. The fire only scorched some of the floor boards. Those floor boards were replaced and then used to help construct the new visitors center.

Unfortunately, most everything else fell victim to the fire. Make sure to view the short film in the Plaza Theatre at the park,  where you can learn about the fire. They show before and after pictures from the fire which will tug at your heart strings slightly. Just warning!

The fire destroyed 90% off the park. This included the aerial gondolas, a children’s donated carousel, the visitor’s center, an inclined tram (which is still left in the same condition it was when the fire struck), and the clock which was replaced. (Image Below)

One of the fun attractions of the bridge is that each state is represented across the bridge with their state flag. They suggest that you take a picture with your state flag and post in on social media. Ya, know we had some fun with this! I took pics with 3 of the states I have lived in…sorry North Carolina and New York I forgot to take pics with you guys! 🙁

One tip before you get to the park and bridge check out the look out/view point area on the left side of the entrance road. It’s also where the camping sites are. These insane views are why you don’t want to miss it…..

Adventure awaits my friend at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park!!

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