Northern California Coast | Fern Canyon | Trinidad | Paul Bunyan Babe the Blue Ox

Northern California Coast | Fern Canyon | Trinidad | Paul Bunyan Babe the Blue Ox

On the road again

Another travel day up the coast and we made it to Oregon! Yippeee.

Going to be short and sweet tonight. Here are some fun places to stop on the way up up up.

The World’s Largest Totem Pole (maybe)

GOPR1715_1484268441899_high-01 - Copy.jpeg

Redwood Totem Pole: Height 160ft…Weighing in at 57,000 lbs and located in McKinlyville, CA. You’ll find it at the end of City Center Rd in a small shopping center. Stop and do some shopping while your here. We found a consignment shop with a dog named Candy, she was a mini Aussie and the same size of Lemon. (Look up mini Aussie’s they may even be cuter than Lemonhead.) Lemon had such an amazing time playing with her and I walked out the door with a new Nike dri-fit. Score! Also munched on some Subway, then back to the road.


City of Trinidad 






This is a great place to stretch your legs on a road trip. The beach is just breathtaking and the small seaside town of Trinidad warms your heart. You can also hike up to their lighthouse but we didn’t have time to hike it today. Just a great excuse to have to come back right?!?

Fern Canyon




Now we decided actually not to go all the way up the dirt road to Fern Canyon, but I highly recommend that you do. I have heard nothing but great things about the mile loop hike through walls of ferns. But, they aren’t dog friendly and sometimes you have to sacrifice some adventures to bring your best friend along!

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox


You have almost reached the border. One last good laugh..taking your pic with this friendly giant.

Bubye California, we’ll see you later but for now we’ll be playing on the Oregon Coast!


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