Hike So Hard: South Chargin Reservation 

Hike So Hard: South Chargin Reservation 

Lemon’s first snow hike and she made in back in one piece! Thank freakin goodness! I was worried about how the tiny monster would do in the snow and I’m here to report back that we finally found Lemon’s weakness. Turns out the pooch is a total freeze baby just like moi. (More on that later)

We headed to the Cleveland Metroparks South Chagrin Reservations to check out two separate trails:

Squaw Rock Loop Trail: A 0.6 mile loop hike bordering the Chagrin River leading you to Squaw Rock which was carved in 1885 by Henry Church. Henry was an artist and blacksmith who would carved designs such as arrows, a serpent, an eagle, a dog and other items into the sandstone rocks around the river. 

Hatchet Ridge Trail: 1.6 mile out and back hike deep into the forest with great views of the Chagrin River. 

We started by parking at the Squaw Rock Picnic Area and then headed to the trail marked Squaw Rock Overlook. There is also a map that you may want to take a picture of so you have it while you’re out hiking!

The trail was very icy in areas so if you’re new to hiking I would probably wait till the snow melts a bit before you head on out! The Squaw Rock Trail is pretty easy to stay on and has some bridges that help to maintain being on trail. If in doubt check the map that you took a picture of!

Here are some images from the Squaw Rock Trail. 

Squaw Rock is down in the distance!

Okay…If you’re ready to up your game and take on the Hatchet Ridge Trail you’ll veer off the Squaw Rock Trail when you reach the sign that I posted above. The one that has the historical information on Squaw Rock. 
The trail will be to your right but quickly heads left so make sure you keep your eyes on the trees for your trail markers.
It’ll take you down to a creek that you’ll cross over.  

You’ll follow the creek for a bit before heading up. Once again keep your eye on the trail markers.

Then you’ll start getting some great views of the Chagrin River to your left hand side. 

When the trail ends you can cross the bridge at Solon Rd and check out the Quarry Rock area. It’s worth a look,  it’s pretty pretty!!!

So this is where Lemon gave up on hiking, poor little munchkin was wearing two layers of clothes,  I was in three layers…and The Tiny Monster said no more! 
For anyone that knows Lemon you know that when she actually lets you pick her up on a hike and doesn’t squirm or doesn’t whimper that is when homegirl is done!! 

So when this happened I knew I would be carrying her the rest of the way back. Poor pup…doesn’t her face even look pissed off!

I had to stuff her in my jacket so she didn’t get colder since she was no longer walking to even remotely stay warm. 

I was able to get some good shots on the way back but unfortunately wasn’t about to continue on the Squaw Rock Loop Trail. I didn’t want to risk Lemon turning into a pupsicle. Till another day…till another day!

Couple Trail Tips

  • Download a map from the Metroparks website of the trails so you have it while you’re going.  
  • If you’re hiking in this frigid weather make sure to dress appropriately, nothing would be worse than getting lost and freezing your butt off
  • Don’t use this post as your only method of directions on the hike. This should just be used as additional guidance to your trail map.
  • Last but not least enjoy! Adventure awaits!

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