Flagstaff We’ve Arrived!

Flagstaff We’ve Arrived!

Happy Thanksgiving from Flagstaff!!!! The journey continues in this adorable A-frame cabin!

Don’t ya just wanna get cozy up in here?!? Well you’re not the only one. American Eagle felt the same way that’s why they utilized the A-frame for a photo shoot last year. The image ended up on their shopping bags. Say what?!?

Yup, that’s the A-frame and why didn’t I get invited to that adorable holiday party!?!? 

Ok, I’ll walk you through the cabin cause I never want to leave. Usually, when I travel I’m pumped to get out and explore a new city. Not here,  I just wanna chill in my tiny cabin all day long! And Lemon wants to sit by the window and say hi to all the critters outside!

Night falls on the cabin!

The back of the cabin has a balcony and a deck. In the backyard there are hiking trails where you can explore the Coconino National Forest. I’ll share some images of the National Forest in a bit! Lemon really enjoyed it out there.

Can you spot teeny tiny Lemon exploring?!?
Parking Spot location with an Arizona license plate marker.

The cabin is relatively secluded and you travel down a dirt road to get to it!

Now the inside!!!!

Can you spot the Tiny Monster!

Breakfast in the cabin!Upstairs loft

Locked up Lemon!

Lemon enjoys exploring the Coconino National Forest in the backyard.  We woke up to watch the sunrise (I know, total torture for me, Lemon’s idea I swear…but awesomely worth it!). It was just us and nature out that early. Well almost… we did run into a huge and rather friendly mastiff and his owner.

Someone is ready for her walk.
Coconino National ForestTrails for adventurers

We also checked out the historical downtown Flagstaff, located at the original Route 66.

Lots of character in the city! 

From our tiny…and freezing cold family to yours Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a great day with family and friends. And your bellies are full! Adventure awaits!

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