Cactus Mart | Morongo Valley Cactus Mart | Joshua Tree Attraction Cactus Mart

Cactus Mart | Morongo Valley Cactus Mart | Joshua Tree Attraction Cactus Mart

As I was driving to Joshua Tree I saw a glimmering sign in the distance from Cactus Mart that read “Cactus: Dig Your Own 59 cents“.  I said to myself I gotta get back to this place. And I did!

Pick your own cactusCactus mart Morongo valley

Cactus: Dig Your Own 59 Cents

Dig your own cactus

This sign has been at the Cactus Mart since the 1960’s when the property was purchased by the Porter Family. They hoped a sign like this would draw in visitors that were entering or leaving Joshua Tree. And once they stopped in, they would be dazzled by all the  interesting plants and flowers that could survive in the tough desert climate! Then they would take a bit of the desert home with them. This place is a true historic road side attraction off Highway 62 on your way in or out of Joshua Tree. You gotta check it out!

Cactus mart Morongo valley

Why Cactus Mart You Ask?

Now, I’ve never been known to have a green thumb. I’ve been very well known to kill just about every flower, plant, or succulent that has come my way. Lemon is extremely luckily that this inability to take care of things only pertains to plants and flowers. Whew! So when I saw the Cactus Mart I figured:

  1. A cactus is like almost impossible to kill. Right?!? Although I do remember receiving a cactus from a previous boyfriend after he traveled to Arizona….and I also remember having to toss it in the trash roughly a month later because it didn’t survive!
  2. The charge of 59 cents was a small price to pay if I did end up killing the cactus. (Considering I have spent hundreds of dollars on plants in the past that have simply ended up in the garbage.)
  3. Digging up my own cactus, just well…sounded like fun!

The Selection

As I entered the Cactus Mart I noticed a sign indicating that dogs weren’t allowed. Wah!!! Looked like I wouldn’t be shopping with Fido. There was however a shaded area up at the entrance with seats and a water bowl. You can hang with Fido here, while the rest of your group takes to explore and track down cacti without you!

Cactus Morongo valley

I browsed around the desert emporium first and then came to the conclusion that plants and flowers are expensive! So I was pleased that all I was interested in was the 59 cent dig your own cactus area.

Cactus mart Morongo Cactus mart Morongo Cactus mart Morongo Cactus mart Morongo

Then they caught my eye!! All the little guys just waiting to find their forever home. The dig your own cactus area and all its glory. You could take them home in small pots for an additional price, but I knew I had a plethora or pots waiting at home from former plants that sadly didn’t make it.

Cactus martDig your own cactusCactus martCactus mart

So I loaded a small paper bag with my precious selections and headed to the check out with my new friends.

Oh Happy Cacti Days!

Mini cactus

More Cactus Mart Information

Here’s the new home for 4 of the lovely cacti I picked up at Cactus Mart. Can’t wait to see how they do. I spent a whole $3.54 on 6 cacti guys. Big spender!

Cactus mart

Wish me and my new friendos luck. Adventure Awaits!

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