Bedford Peak | Hiking Cleveland National Forest | Hiking Trails Silverado California

Bedford Peak | Hiking Cleveland National Forest | Hiking Trails Silverado California

Bedford Peak views

Bedford Peak was not a hiking spot I was really aware of till I hiked it today. It seems it’s an unknown hidden gem of a hike in Orange County, California. One where you kinda forget your in Southern California…well till you spot Mt. Baldy in the distance (that mountain haunts me I swear?).

Bedford Peak hikingHiking Bedford Peak Hiking Bedford PeakBedford Peak hikingBedford Peak

We were told the hike would be roughly 7 miles, but we did get off track a bit and ended up hiking about 9 mile. Which the Tiny Monster wasn’t exactly prepared for!

Bedford Peak dog hikingBedford Peak hikingHiking Bedford Peak


Bedford Peak

Bedford Peak is in the Cleveland National Forest and you’ll be uses lightly trafficked dirt and loose rock trails to reach the peak. We saw about 5 other people and 4 dirt bikes while hiking.

Bedford PeakBedford Peak hikingBedford Peak

Right now,  because of all the rain we’ve received, the scenery is lush lush green… as far as the eye can see. Leaving you with some jaw dropping views through out the entire hike and a variety of wildflowers.

Bedford Peak wildflowersBedford Peak wildflowersBedford PeakBedford Peak wildflowersBedford Peak WildflowersBedford Peak wildflowersHike Bedford PeakBedford Peak wildflowers Bedford Peak Dog Bedford Peak Bedford Peak views

The hike is rated at moderate and there is NO shade. It can get rather hot, so start your hike early and bring lots of water. You are on an incline pretty much the whole way, to the peak, so you’re gonna want to stay hydrated.
You’re more than welcome to bring Fido since Bedford Peak is in a National Forest. Be careful if you’re one to let Fido wander however since dirt bikes are also on these trsils.

Also you’ll need to purchase an Adventure Pass or have your National Park pass for parking.  Not aware of what an adventure pass is?! Click here!

Bedford Peak


I’d recommend these two sites if you’re attempting this trail, since the peak is slightly difficult to find and these will help so you don’t get lost, like we did. (We used both of these tools to help us get back on track!)

All Trails: Great tool since they give you info about the actual hike and you can use the map feature to make sure you’re on the right trail. Also people rate and review trails which is very helpful.

Hiking Guy: Very detailed description, with images so you know you’re exactly where you need to be! Hiking Guy is amazing he spells out the entire hike in such great detail. I hope to run into him on a trail one day! 🙂


Bedford Peak viewsBedford Peak hike

Here is the address for your hike.
31330 Silverado Canyon Road Silverado CA 92676
The road is windy, use caution. Lemon threw up on me three times in 5 mile since it was winding so much. Ugh, that dog, can’t take her anywhere!

When you start nearing the trail head you will see the visitors center on your right and a small parking area on your left.  You can stop here to read the bulletin board for any updates or warnings!

Bedford PeakBedford Peak

Your welcome to park here, or if you continue up the road a bit,  you’ll see a dirt area on the right where you can park and the trail head begins there! (If you have your back to the road, facing the dirt parking area the trail will be on your left.)
As you start on the trail you’ll spend a good amount of time climbing in elevation with the help of some switchbacks.

Girls hiking Bedford PeakHiking Bedford Peak Girls hiking Bedford Peak

Eventually you’ll meet a fork in the road and you’ll see this marker. You want to head to your right at this location.  (Note: Silverado Trail was the trail you were just on, now go right. )

Silverado Trail

Now this is were things get a little hidden and tricky. (Where we got slightly off track!) You’ll hike a bit and then spot this fence on your right.  Shimmy on through and now you’re almost at Bedford Peak!

Bedford Peak trailBedford Peak

Then you’ll take a short trail to the peak. Once you reach the peak you’ll see a bench and a container with a small notebook to log your journey.  The book and bench are dedicated to a father who passed away.

Bedford benchBedford Peak Bedford Peak

You’ve made it. Hip Hip Hooray!

Bedford Peak hikeBedford Peak hike

We spent some time hanging out here. Eating snacks and signing the log. Then it was time to head on back the way we came from.

Bedford Peak

Note: this is an out and back hike but the trail you turned off on to reach the peak just keeps going.  That’s how we missed the turn off, so pay close attention.


Okay one last note to my ladies. I did this hike with the Girls Who Hike OC chapter. I’ve joined a couple chapters and I must say…FIND A CHAPTER IN YOUR AREA!!! If you truly want to get out and be a part of a community of awesome ladies who enjoy nature and opting outside. Maybe you’re in a situation where none of your friends wanna do that stuff, but you do.  Or you just can’t find the extra push to get motivated to hike. Now is the time to join a group of like minded peeps pushing themselves to be at one with nature.

Girls hiking

We are so lucky to have social media and the Internet, which has created outlets for people to connect, don’t waste what other women have created for YOU. What they’ve put their heart and soul into to get you out and active. If there is a chapter in your area…JOIN you won’t regret it.

Here is a list of the chapters, then you can go to Facebook and join!

Adventure awaits!

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