White Plains Beach | Surfing at White Plains Beach | Beginner Surf Spot Oahu

White Plains Beach | Surfing at White Plains Beach | Beginner Surf Spot Oahu

Surfing at White Plains Beach

White plains beach

So I’m good at a good deal of things, but there are some things I’m just not that great at. I usually even shy away from the things I’m not great at because I like people to think I’m amazing at everything. I get embarrassed to be mediocre. I know I know I got issues! 😉
For example when I was younger I went to meet up with all my little neighborhood friends one morning with the same bicycle I had been riding that entire summer. I thought nothing of my training wheel bicycle till that one morning when everyone started laughing at me for my “baby” bike.  I was so upset and embarrassed that when I went home that night I told my mom it was time to remove the baby wheels.

She was happy to teach me how to ride a real bike the next day. I said no! It had to right then and it had to be in the dark. I didn’t want any of the neighborhood girls to see me fail. So my mom turned on our porch light, we headed out to our cul-de-sac, in our small neighborhood, and with no street lights I learned how to ride a big girl bike.

I showed up the next morning to meet my neighborhood girl gang and not one person said a word. As I rode on up I just kept thinking yup girls I learned how to ride this big girl bike in the dark last night, who wants to make fun of me now?!

This is exactly how I feel about surfing.  I wanna just jump in the water one night and by morning be good!

But unfortunately learning how to ride a bike in the dark and becoming a good surfer in the dark are two different beasts! I just hate that everyone can see you out in the water and I’m not great at surfing so it’s rather intimidating!

So I decided that I just needed to not care how I look and have some fun in the sun. So we loaded up the truck and headed out to go surf for the day!

The conditions were amazing and we had so much fun catching waves, meeting people out in the surf and hanging out on the beach!

I’ve never felt so confident out on the water. And I realized that once I acknowledge that I don’t have to be the best I end up just having fun and surprisingly then excelling.

I was so giddy when I got out of the water that I could barely even stand! What a day! And what friends to take pics of me falling instead of helping a sister out.Ha!

Moral of the story is the expert in anything was once a beginner. Adventure awaits!

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