We’ve Arrived in Page, Arizona!

We’ve Arrived in Page, Arizona!

Here was the sunset on the drive out of the Grand Canyon. It was beautiful!

Headed out to Page and checked into the La Quinta which was my absolute savior. The hotel is dog friendly!!!! Thank goodness….and like super dog friendly, no extra fees for a pet, you can leave the pet in the room while you go explore, and we even saw like 4 other pups in the hotel. Oh, and we got free breakfast.. Score!

After my experience at the Grand Canyon it was such a relief to stay somewhere where Lemon was welcome! Also today is Lemonhead’s Birthday, bae is a year old…they grow up so fast!

My tea fix. Check out the one that says I Love Lemon!

In love with the make your own waffles!

Ok so after breakfast it was time to cross off another bucket list item. Horseshoe Bend!!!!

I have seen Horseshoe Bend all over social media and assumed something that beautiful must be difficult to get to. I figured you’d have to put a lot of work in, like a 10 mile hike or passing through grueling terrain to get to experience that joy. Boy was I wrong!
All you gotta do is go to Page, park in the very well marketed parking lot for Horseshoe Bend and take a short walk to the Shoe! That easy folks. That easy!

Here are some images from the short walk to Horseshoe Bend!

And now the main attraction!

The Horseshoe was very populated, it’s hard to find a spot to yourself.  But I figure this is because of the fact that it is so easy to get to. So be prepared for a lot of other viewers but it is still possible to find your own space to appreciate the views in peace!

My only suggestion is make sure you read all the signs and information about this location. The stone making up the bend is sandstone, which is not a very sturdy or durable type of stone so pieces of the edge could very easily fall while you are trying to take your most epic picture. So you must use caution and remember that your dealing with a delicate type of stone!!

Well Lemon decided since it was her birthday she could make an absolute mess of our hotel room so it’s time for me to clean up the disaster. See ya soon heading to Utah shortly. Adventure awaits!

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    1. Just saw this, responding very late. Thanks for the bday wishes for Lemon. And Utah was beautiful!! I can’t wait to go back.

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