Walker Canyon Wildflowers | Hiking Lake Elsinore Wildflowers

Walker Canyon Wildflowers | Hiking Lake Elsinore Wildflowers

Walker Canyon

I have not one bit of shame in the fact that I’ve become crazed…obsessed…captivated by all the amazing wildflowers appearing in Southern California. Since the “super bloom” I’ve been on the hunt for the best flower power spots around.

Location: Flower Heaven….Just Kidding…Walker Canyon near Lake Elsinore California…Off the 15 Freeway. I was on the 15-South so it was Exit 81 Lake St.

You currently can’t miss it. 1) Because the poppies are a poppin and…2) There are crowds of peep in flower paradise.

We hit the road early in the am to beat the heat and the crowds. That paid off big time. I would recommend visiting on a weekday in the early am. The super bloom has been drawing in large crowds making it hard to park and hard to get good pics.

Also remember these wildflowers won’t be around forever. I’ve done a good deal of research (because yes I’m captivated by these silly flowers) and these flowers in Lake Elsinore are already peaking and should be around only through the end of  March. Ekkk.

Lemon says let’s go NOW!


FYI: This $h!+ it hot hot hot. Luckily a friend warned me about the heat so I was well prepared. Probably even over prepared. But their is really no shade to hid behind and you are hiking up and down the canyon to view the flowers. So bring LOTS of water. I kept using my Camelbak to hose Lemon off with water so she didn’t over heat. This could be a very dangerous situation for Fido if you don’t bring enough water to share.

Walker canyon

Enjoy. If you have the opportunity to visit this area, don’t pass it up. You won’t be able to see these flowers for much longer and they are absolutely breathtaking.

Adventure Awaits!

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