Tree Frog Canopy Tours | Ohio Ziplining Adventure | Mohican Ziplining

Tree Frog Canopy Tours | Ohio Ziplining Adventure | Mohican Ziplining

Tree frog canopy tours

Welcome to Tree Frog Canopy Tours adventure. Zip lining, sky bridges, and rappelling takes place in this 2 1/2 hour journey through the tree tops. Located 9 miles south of Loudonville, Ohio this is a must do when you’re visiting the Buckeye State. Such an amazing day feeling like a tree frog.

What To Expect

Tree Frog Canopy Tours

Tree Frog Canopy Tours book up fast, so you’re going to want to make sure you call to reserve your spot. You’ll most likely be turned away if you just show up, without a reservation! The current 2017 rates are $75 per person on week days and $85 on weekends. They do have group rates and kids day as well. Call for more information.

Open from May to October offering day Canopy Tours and Night Tours. We participated in the day tour and wouldn’t change a single thing about it.  It was absolutely amazing.

Once you arrive, you gear up with the help of your guides. They’ll make sure everything fits and that you’re as comfortable as you can be in the equipment. (Which weighs about 10 lbs.) This is the perfect time to get that group shot to prove you were here.  They don’t recommend taking your cell phone with you on the tour since you may drop it. And if you do drop your cell phone on the tour they will not stop to retrieve it. I left mine up at the tour check-in location.

Tree frog canopy toursTree frog canopy toursTree frog canopy tours

Then you take a quick ride up the dirt roads to reach the start of your Canopy tour. At this point anything you have with you will have to be carried through out the whole tour. So that means wallets, sunglasses, keys, you name it.  It’s coming along for the whole journey!

Tree frog canopy tours

You’ll have a quick lesson on the zipline basics. You’ll learn how to stop yourself, the hand signals you’ll use through out the tour, and what you need to do if you get stuck on the course. After you learn these details it’s time to practice. Each member will run through the things they just learned..then your ready to start the adventure!!!!

Tree Frog Canopy ToursTree Frog Canopy ToursTree Frog Canopy Tours

Your guides will do a great job making the tour fun, professional, and educational. They tell you what to expect and what to look around for before each zipline. I really appreciated this, that way you knew exactly what views you’d have, how fast you’d go, and how long your ride would be. It really goes by so fast that you could forget to look around if your guide didn’t give you all these little notes.

Tree Frog Canopy ToursTree Frog Canopy ToursTree Frog Canopy ToursTree Frog Canopy ToursTree Frog Canopy Tours

My absolute favorite part was how they ended the tour. The last thing we did was a 60′ free fall. Not one person in our group chickened out on this part. We all jumped off the platform, either forward or backward, to end the amazing tour!

Tree Frog Canopy Tours

Fun Facts and Additional Info

  • You’ll also learn about the trees and surroundings elements on your tour.
  • Don’t chicken out on the 60 foot free fall. It’s so much fun!
  • Head on over to Trails End Pizza after for a bite to eat.
  • Or enjoy some ice cream at Stela’s in Loudonville.
  • Ohio’s longest, highest, and fastest canopy tour!

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Monkey see…Monkey Do…Adventure awaits!

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