Where to Eat on Oahu | Top Places to Eat on Oahu

Where to Eat on Oahu | Top Places to Eat on Oahu

Kua aina

I’m covering a wide range of my personal favorites on Oahu, from burger joints and grocery stores to steak houses and greek restaurants.  So sit back relax and start getting hungry…
Who’s cooking up some good eats?!?

1. Kua’aina

Since 1975 Kua’aina has been serving up one delicious burger. In my opinion it’s the best darn burger on the island.

They also have lots of options besides your typical burger. Veggie lovers can try the grilled eggplant and peppers sandwich or if you aren’t feeling the beef, fish is always an option as well. Serving ono, mahi, or ahi sandwiches!  Also feel free to add pineapple, avocado, or pepperoncini to your burger.

Check out their location on the North Shore in Haleiea. Haleiwa is also such a cool place to hang out for the day. You can’t beat the chill, surfer, island vibe that this beach town has to offer. Put Haleiwa and Kua’aina on your Oahu list!
2. Greek Marina

Greek Marina in Hawaii Kai makes the list for multiple reasons. 1) The service is excellent 2) Location is beautiful, with outdoor seating viewing the marina 3) You can bring your own wine!

Oh and did I mention that the food is delicious!

So grab a bottle of wine..or 3, and head on over to Hawaii Kai.

Pro Tip: I highly recommend sitting outside to take in the view! And check out Kona Brewing afterwards it’s right across from Greek Marina!
3. Kalapawai Cafe & Deli

Kalapawai Cafe and Deli

The perfect place in Kailua to grab a bagel, get your caffeine fix, and have a breakfast, brunch, or lunch date with a friend.

Look who wanted to join our lunch date!

Please note there is also a market location. The market location is not an actual sit down restaurant and is more, like the name says, a market!
4. Foodland

The local grocery store you say?!?

I know, I know,  you’re really confused right now. But honestly if you’re looking for some great, reasonably priced poke with an extremely wide selection, head to Foodland. Also, with 19 locations on Oahu you should be able to find one close to you!

They have a great selection of poke, along with other seafood and local favorite options. And the poke is fantastic. The beauty of this is you can pick up other treats and eat your lunch wherever your heart desires!

Pro Tip: Don’t hit up the poke counter too late in the day, the best stuff will be gone!

5. Maui Brewing Company

Located in the heart of Waikiki this should be a spot on any tourists list. And although we’ll eat while we’re here. Who are we kidding, we’re here for the beer, crafted straight from paradise!

This brand new location features some fantastic Maui Brewing Company favorites. My favorite is the Coconut Porter, but also make sure to try the Pineapple Mana. Yum yum!

And when you’ve finished your food, enjoy the games and scenery. They have a large outdoor patio to hang out with friends and family. And games like shuffle board and foosball. Have fun!

6. Buzz’s Original Steakhouse

My favorite restaurant on the island. Hands down everyone should try this salad bar once in their life.  No joke!

Buzz’s is such a fav spot for locals and tourists that you need to make a reservation any day of the week!! Open for lunch and dinner, they have had visitors such as the Clinton and the Obama’s.

The food is amazing, get the salad bar, and the location is even better. Located across the beach with a tree growing right out the roof. Treat yourself and take a trip to Buzz’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Pro Tip: There is also a location in Pearl City, but for the true Oahu experience make sure you visit the location in Lanikai.
7. Hawaiian Style at Home BBQ

Do as the locals do and invite everyone over for a BBQ celebration!!

Renting out a house or Airbnb on your stay in Hawaii?! Well go ahead and throw together a delicious meal and eat outside like a local.

We opted for shrimp curry, Spanish rice, tofu appetizers, and monchong fish grilled in tea leaves.  A little all over the place, but just how we like it.

Now go eat your way through Oahu.
Enjoy, adventure awaits!

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