Some girls are made of barley and hops…

Some girls are made of barley and hops…

What’s better than babes and beer?!?

Well….we can’t think of anything!!!

So after a couple days in nature land, with little to no contact with other human beings, we decided it was time to face civilization yet again…see if we still excelled at socializing and drinking. You know the important things in life.  I’m happy to report back that we still got it! 

To test our drinking and social abilities we headed to cute and quaint Fort Collins. They are known for housing many of plenty of outstanding breweries. With over 20 breweries in the area they are the largest producer of craft beer in the state of Colorado. So basically you’re gonna have a good time here! 

Fort Collins Brewery Guide

There is a historical area of Fort Collins too and it’s quite adorable. From here you can walk or rent bikes to visit some of the local breweries. This is where we started our beer belly day!

After roaming around for a bit and ultimately deciding that noon was an acceptable time to start drinking.  We hit up New Belgium Brewing

This place was hands down outstanding. We felt like we were on a beer campus. From games, to food trucks, and live music, nothing was missed in enhancing the beer drinking experience! Ben and Jerry’s even showed up to promote a Ben and Jerry’s flavored beer they currently have on tap!

To make sure we tried a lil bit of everything, we each selected a beer flight with 4 tasters and headed to the lawn to watch some intense corn hole match ups! *Each taster is only $1.50

After spending a substantial amount of time at New Belgium we thought it’d be good to give another brewery some lovin, so we walked our freezing little butts to Odell Brewing Co. The cool thing about visiting Odell is that they currently don’t distribute to the state of California so all the beer was new and exciting to us! And we felt cool knowing our friends weren’t at home drinking the same beer we were.

At Odell we also did beer flights (the local tray option) and then headed to the back patio to sit by the fire pit and sip on our liquid gold selections. 5 beers for $7.00, say what?!?

Cheers mate!!!

All right that’s enough for today, we’ll be in our beds with Advil, water, and Netflix. See ya later alligator!

Adventure awaits…..with beer!

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