Northern Coast Oregon | Astoria | Seaside | Cannon Beach

Northern Coast Oregon | Astoria | Seaside | Cannon Beach

Astoria bridge

We did it! Hip Hip Hooray! Check another item off the good ol bucket list.

We traveled up Hwy 101 all the way through Oregon into the state on Washington.

We were probably in Washington for a total of 15-20 minutes. We simply wanted that picture proof that we had made it entirely up the coast of Oregon. All 363 miles. There was lots of smiling and giggling as we took these photos.

I always get emotion when a trip is coming to an end. This one I really didn’t want to end. I have fallen in love with Oregon and it’s glorious coast. And the company has been amazing. Plus we’re traveling back as fast as we can so we’ll be spending the next 3 days just driving and driving.  Roughly 6 hours per day and we aren’t taking the scenic route guys!
So let’s talk about how we spent our last days on the Oregon coast before it’s time to go back to reality. Wah! Don’t make me.

First, on the way from Lincoln City to our Airbnb in seaside we discovered this road side treat Bear Creek Artichokes in Cloverdale, Oregon .

Perfect place to stop for some on the road snacks and to pick up tasty souvenirs to bring back home. Make sure to try the dip samples you won’t be disappointed!

Then is was on to the highly anticipated Cannon Beach. Some major major films have used this area of the Oregon Coast for the backdrop to their stories.

The Goonies shot the famous Haystack Rock and surrounding beach in the opening sequence of the movie.

Cannon Beach also has such an adorable shopping and dining area very close to the beach. Decorated with surf shops, lots of seaside art, and cute coffee shops, it’s a great place to spend the day.

Look what we spotted in Cannon Beach…


Next stop was where two other famous films shot some scenes for their iconic movies. Twilight and Point Break both shot scenes at Indian Beach in Ecola State Park.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any shots of the actual beach because it was so foggy, rainy, and windy. But the Ecola State Park is insanely gorgeous and should be visited by all. It’s just beautiful!

Then it was off to Seaside to check out the town and get some rest at our adorable Airbnb.

Seaside has a cute area known as the prom and it has a different feel to it then the other coastal towns we visited. It’s a playful 1.5 mile strip that ends with a turn around at the beach. The turnaround features a statue of Lewis and Clark to commemorate the official end of the Lewis and Clark trail.

Lots of specialty shops, a small aquarium, and an arcade. The prom is very family and dog friendly!
Oh and check out the adorbs Airbnb, just minutes away from the prom! And yeah that’s some flooding going on…not an actual lake!

After spending some time resting it was time to finish was we started…make it up the coast. Finish those last miles!
So we headed to Astoria to visit the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. the northernmost city in Oregon and also the oldest settlement west of the Mississippi.

Since it was rather cold, late, and rainy we didn’t get to do any hiking at the park but we did get a good history lesson on what it looked like and felt like to be part of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

You can even do a hike called Fort to Sea, which is part of the Lewis and Clark trail. I wish we had an extra day to come back and try out this hike!

Then it was time to cross over the Astoria-Megler Bridge to complete our journey and give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back.

We did it. We made it over the bridge. This bridge is actually slightly scary to go over its so long and getting so low to the water below.  Ek!

Adventure awaits.  Hopefully we have some fun on the way back to reality.


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