Not just any Canyon my friends. We’re talking about the Grand Canyon!

Not just any Canyon my friends. We’re talking about the Grand Canyon!

Ok car update.
I noticed the tire pressure light on yesterday, after my off roading expedition and I decided I needed to take the rental to a local tire shop before leaving for the Grand Canyon. I also noticed that both front tires now had hub caps that didn’t exactly look how they did before. Uhoh!!!!

Tire shop took a look. Both tires are fine, just had to get some air in the tires, phew! But the hub caps are damaged and they couldn’t fix them.  There is also damage…specifically paint striped from the front underneath section of the car…that I’m sure some permanent marker will fix right up! And a rock hit the windshield leaving a crack in the glass, which I’m sure will continue to grow. 

On the plus side,  the tire shop didn’t even charge me and wished me well on my way to the Grand Canyon. Flagstaff I love you! And fingers crossed the windshield crack doesn’t grow!

Next stressful experience, last night I snuck Lemon into our hotel at the Grand Canyon. This was a freakin nightmare (If you’ve ever watch “My Story” on insta, well then you know…bae can bay!!!) And she did, stupid neighbors must have had their family in like 3 separate rooms and they decided the hallway was the best place to party till midnight. And that didn’t fly with Lemon. I thought for sure we’d get kicked out.I didn’t sleep a wink, I was so stressed. Oh, then this morning one of the members of the “midnight hallway party crew” decided 8am was the best time to practice his miserable trombone skills.  I mean, What?!? Who does that?!? In a hotel?!? I can’t even make this $h!+ up peeps!! 

So I packed up the Tiny Monster and booked it out of there before we got discovered and ended up in jail and puppy jail.Do you think they would at least try her as a juvenile since she’s still not a year old?!? Oh, what a night!

Illegal hotel dog smuggling!!!!

Ok so Grand Canyon, it’s cold. Tried to go last night before checking into the hotel and it was about 37 degrees. We only got one pic and it’s of me trying to help Lemon out by stuffing her in my jacket. She’s wasn’t impressed, she bit me so hard right before the pic. I decided it was time to head back after that magical experience!

Trying to keep bae warm

Came back today and the weather was much better. Like much much better! (And yes Lemon and I are wearing the same clothes from the day before…however I did change my socks!!!) Don’t judge us. 🙂

Now we were slightly limited to what we could explore (covering Lemon’s ears at this percise moment) because I’m traveling with a “pet”. But I wasn’t about to leave my Tiny Monster at one of the kennels here so best bud and I just explored what we could.  

Pets are allowed on the South Rim trail. And we ran into a ton of dogs on the trail. We opted for a roughly 5 mile out and back walk on the trail from Mather Point (heavily congested area by the way) through the Village and turning around and heading back at the Lookout Studio. It’s paved, it’s easy, and it’s beautiful!

Plus,  I know a Grand Canyon hidden secret which makes up for the things we couldn’t do! Shhhhh!!! I’ll share more on that later.

As you walk the trail you start to see the views change and there are different types of rock formations through out. Also as the clouds move it provides different shadows and light on the formations!

As you travel around the South Rim there are places to stop and explore too. 

The Verkamp’s Visitor Center provides a brief history lesson on the Grand Canyon. Great place to stop and check out some of the important dates through out the Grand Canyon’s history.

Also fun to check out the Hopi House which is a historical landmark. you can find tons of authentic Native American items for purchase here. 
Here are some more images from our time spent on the trail. I took so many pics! Get ready for Grand Canyon over load!

Ok now for my Grand Canyon secret. One of the best spots to view the canyon is called the Shoshone Trail. But you won’t find it on any map and sometimes it’s not accessible to the public. it’s an area of the park that is used for private events like weddings. But if your lucky enough to find it… and no event is going on, well then your free to explore. And it’s glorious my friends!!! Simply amazing!!

I also explored the Tusayan Museum and Ruins. Here you can explore the ruins of an ancestral Puebloan village, and there is a museum with old artifacts and history about this area 800 years ago!!

View of the San Francisco Peaks is the distance!

The last spot of the day was the Desert View And the Desert View Watchtower before heading out to our next stop!! I headed up onto the Watchtower to check out the views!

Inside the Watchtower

The sun was starting to set which made the views absolutely breathtaking, but also slightly bone chilling. I was so ready to get in the beat up rental car and crank the heat!

It was a long day and an ever longer night last night. I’m not looking forward to driving but it’s gotta be done. Night all, adventure awaits!!

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