Newport Oregon | Oregon’s Coastal Town of Newport | Coastal Oregon | Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Newport Oregon | Oregon’s Coastal Town of Newport | Coastal Oregon | Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Newport oregon coast

So we’ve been staying in Newport, Oregon and this town is exactly what I felt a coastal Oregon town was going to look like.
This is now my fav town, thus far…(I feel like I say that every day now!!)

Newport has a historical bayfront district with shops, entertainment, and home to the loudest seal lions I have ever heard and seen!

Lemon was very curious and scared of these loudmouths. It was fun to watch them barking at eachother and nap on the dock.
What happens is one poor sea lions tries to jump up onto the dock where a bunch of other sea lions are already sleeping and sunbathing peacefully. The dock dwellers bark and try to slide the newcomer back into the water. It made me sad to watch but usually the newcomer finally found a stop to get cozy in.

While watching the sea lions, I read that they used to have another dock but it started to deteriorate from weather and weight. So the sea lions now have a new dock to play and sleep on.

I also discovered my favorite store, so far, in Oregon. The Made in Oregon store. Almost everything in the store was made or produced in Oregon. Only the collegiate gear is not made in Oregon.

I picked up a ton of souvenirs here for myself and for my friends back home. You can also purchase products through their website!

Here are some more pics from this awesome bustling industrial seaside town… which is also a popular tourist hangout.

We also continued the lighthouse tour and checked out the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and beach.

This lighthouse is said to be the oldest structure in Newport. It was built in 1871 and is the only lighthouse in Oregon that has its living quarters attached.

We also visited Yaquina Bay Lighthouse beach, which was so unlike a lot of other beaches we’d been to. No rocky cliffs or crashing waves. It’s a very flat and calm beach. The sand stretches out so far which Lemon was a big fan!

Next stop Lincoln City to try our luck on scoring a glass float.  Adventure awaits!

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