Mokulua Islands | Kayaking to The Moks | The Twin Islands Oahu

Mokulua Islands | Kayaking to The Moks | The Twin Islands Oahu

The moks

Mokulua Islands, the Twin Islands, or as most locals refer to as… The Mokes!

There they are! And I’m swimming to them. Haha! Just kidding, the most popular way to get the the Mokes is usually by kayak.

The small islands are about a mile from Kailua and Lanikai.  You can rent kayaks in Kailua to get to the island. Only certain shops have permits for their kayaks to end up at the Mokes. I recommend Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks. No permits are given on Sunday however.

We opted to venture to the Mokes with two paddleboards and a kayak. And they fit rather nicely in the truck.  Right?!? Ha!

You can start your journey from Kailua Beach or Lanikai beach to get to the island. If your renting a kayak they’ll probably give you specific instructions on where to kayak from.  We headed out from Lanikai for a straight shot to the Mokes!

Once you get to the island be prepared for a large group of visitors. Everyone wants to spend the day on their own private island, right?!? So get ready to have some fun and make new friends!

And don’t forget to hike to the backside of the island where you can jump off cliffs into the wild open sea. Not sure how to get there?! If your on the island facing the island, not facing the ocean, you want to go to your left.  But it might be best, once you’re on the island to ask a local, cause the wrong way is WAY more dangerous than the right way.  And make sure to wear something on your feet for this adventure, you’ll be walking over a lot of sharp rocks.

Now go explore the Mokes you little water bug you…Adventure awaits! ????

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