Lincoln City Oregon | Lincoln City Float Fairies |Oregon Glass Floats | Glass Floats Lincoln City

Lincoln City Oregon | Lincoln City Float Fairies |Oregon Glass Floats | Glass Floats Lincoln City

Lincoln City is famous for their glass floats, and every year from mid October to Memorial Day float fairies flock to the beach daily to hide glass floats for beach goers to find and take home for a souvenir.
This is my sad story on how I came, I saw, and well went home empty handed. No glass float pour moi!

Lincoln cory glass floats

The three of us..and Lemon scoured the rough beach conditions for over an hour hoping to locate a glass float.

We decided our best bet was to split up and go different directions on the beach.

Little did I know I had picked the absolute worst direction… I was going with the Wind! The wind carried me so far down the beach and I had no idea that it was doing so. I looked back and noticed I had gotten rather far away and couldn’t spot anything that I had noticed before. I quickly turned around to realize that it was going to take me and Lemonhead forever to walk back, because the wind was so strong and blowing straight at our faces.

I looked down and poured little lemon was sprinting…which equaled slow  walking against the wind,  and her eyes were closed as she was just trudging along getting pelted by sand all over her face and body.

Such a brave tough girl though she didn’t even cry once and I tried to pick her up and she forced me to put her down. She’s one tough cookie, that lemon!

Nelscott beach was float fairy empty. And although we walked away soaked, broken hearted, and out of breathe…it totally just gives me an excuse to come on back!

And if you find yourself scouring the beach and also walk away empty-handed just know there are tons of glass studios and shops in Lincoln City. Some of them even offer glassmaking classes where you can make your own float.

Check out the Lincoln City website for more information on the glass floats and of course the float fairies. You also might want to check out their Instagram page because they sometimes let the public know when they will be dropping more floats. Adventure awaits!

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