Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead

Headed back to the mountains this past weekend. I now have a great list of things to do up here in Lake Arrowhead that I want to share with you!

As you’re headed up the Highway 18 make sure to stop along the way for insane look out points.  The road winds around the mountains so much, that it also helps to take some breaks on the journey. It sure helped Lemon with her car sickness. My poor tiny monster.

The highway has even been named Rim of the World for it’s gorgeous panoramic views of San Bernardino. It’s a must!

Where to stay:My first time going to Lake Arrowhead I was lucky enough yto stay in a house on the lake. I learned quickly that the best way to experience Lake Arrowhead is in a house around the lake. Reason being that only residents are allowed access to the paths around the lake. Lake Arrowhead is a private lake!

Also all boats on the lake must be registered through the Arrowhead Lake Association. Therefore only ALA members can have their boats in the water.

A) This makes it rather exclusive to be on the lake and B) means majority of the time the lake isn’t too crowded.

However, if you are visiting and craving a boat experience, there are tour options to get out in the water!

And if you don’t have the luxury of being an ALA member or knowing someone who is and you still want to be lakeside. Your best option is to stay at the Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa.

Here you can enjoy lakeside room, exceptional comfort, boating tours, and fishing expeditions. It’s also situation right next to Lake Arrowhead Village, which we’ll talk about later in the post.

This past time I went for a wedding so the lake was less of a priority and we stayed at an amazing woods inspired resort called Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins. They are located in Twin Peaks on 6 acres of pure serenity. The property has trails, streams,  ponds, and rustic cabins to rent. The property is also pet friendly and has a pool and hot tub. This is a must stay if you’re looking for a woodsy inspired getaway.

This location is perfect for weddings and reunions. We had almost every cabin rented for the family and friends attending the wedding. The bridal party even had their own cabin located at the exact location of the wedding ceremony and reception. It was truly magical.

We stayed in the Story Book Cottage the night before the wedding. It fit the entire bridal party, the soon to be wife and her mom. (All cabins are themed.)

What to do and where you eat: Besides the obvious of getting out on the lake there are a variety of other things to do up in the mountains! A popular attractions is Lake Arrowhead Village.

The village not only has great views of the lake but there is tons of shopping and great dinning experiences.  They even have a dog bakery! Currently the village is having October fest! Here are some of my must visits in the village:

If you’re looking for a fun atmosphere to casually dine Lou Eddies is at the very top of my list. Located just 5 minutes from the village they serve delish salads and mouth watering pizzas. There is a bar downstairs and outside seating for those summer nights. The atmosphere is so fun and this spot is great for larger groups to share different types of pizza! Try the Greek Salad and the White Out pizza. Yummmm!

Now go enjoy, adventure awaits!

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