Exploring Outside of Joshua Tree

Exploring Outside of Joshua Tree

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So you know you want to head out to the National Park when visiting Joshua Tree, but don’t miss out on all the other cool, wacky, and weird places to visit in Joshua Tree and the surrounding areas. That’s why I’m here to help and steer you to some other site that you will ohh and ahh over!

Yucca Valley:

Dirt road to the Havalina House
Abandon structure by the Havalina House and Lemon a bit worried about following me!

We found our adorable Airbnb located in Yucca Valley, the Havalina House. It was a three bedroom house that could fit up to 6 people with an outside patio to relax and watch the sunset. It was such a hidden gem! The best things about this location is that it is close to a lot of the sites you want to visit. The location was close to Joshua Tree National Park, Pioneer Town, and Landers. When searching for a place to stay don’t think your only option is camping on the National Park, look at places in Yucca Valley. We also had a ton of land on our property (5.5 acres) that we were able to explore and get insane pictures! And a big plus bonus, Josh and Vanessa were fantastic hosts. (Havalina House is dog friendly, yay!)


Landers is home to some bizarre sites and sounds. Believe me when I say some wacky things go on in the desert.

First: Integration this structure was originally built by George Van Tassel a UFO movement leader. His goal was to use the structure for time travel and he claimed that UFO and extra terrestrial contact gave him specific instruction on how to build the dome structure. Integration is now owned by three sister who aim to preserve the structure and have opened it to the public. They use the space now as a sound bath, where visitors can meditate and relax. Check out the link above for more information, to book the sound bath, and to explore upcoming events. (Since I was traveling with Lemon I was only able to look at the structure from the outside, no dogs allowed.)

Playing on the Giant Rock!

Second: The Giant Rock, located about 3 miles from Integration. The rock is roughly 7 stories high and covers 6,000 square feet. It’s one of the largest free-standing boulders in the world. This is where George Van Tassel and other UFO movement leaders held UFO conferences. Check out the link above for more images and information on the giant rock.


Me and Lemon visiting Wagon Wheel saloon and getting excited for our free beer tomorrow!
Puppy Jail..More Pioneertown fun!

Want to feel like your in an old Western movie or Disney’s Frontierland?! Than this is a must visit for you!!  This fake western town was founded in 1946 by Hollywood personalities and has been used in over 200 Western movies. The idea was to resemble a 1880’s wildwest town. It’s a lot of fun to explore the town and you really feel as if you’re on a movie set. They even have some of the shops open to the public. You can also book a room at the Pioneertown Motel.  Make sure to check out Pappy & Harriet’s restaurant on your visit. You get the whole Western vibe with live music and great food. However they are close Tuesday and Wednesday and a reservation is suggested, they get busy busy busy! (Dogs are allowed on the outside patios.)

Okay it seems like you’re ready to explore  Joshua Tree and it’s surrounding areas now. Go out and have some fun……Adventure Awaits!



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