What To Do in Joshua Tree

What To Do in Joshua Tree


Joshua Tree is one of those places I have wanted to visit for years but just couldn’t find the right timing. Finally was able to visit this summer and I have some great tips and suggestions for anyone else making the trek out to the desert.

Where to Stay:

G0300788_1463591864209_high-01When looking for somewhere to stay there are a variety of options. My suggestion is either camping or Airbnb. If you aren’t planning on camping at the national park, I highly recommend Airbnb. There are some very cool and eclectic places to stay at relatively cheap prices (depending on the time of year). Areas that you can look to stay in are Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, or Twentynine Palms. Any of those areas will be relatively close to the national park. I found the Havalina House on Airbnb and it did not disappoint.

(Image from the 3rd bedroom on the Havalina House)

Where to eat and get your coffee fix:


One of the best recommendation I received for Joshua Tree was for food and coffee. When you visit make sure to go to  Pie for the People. The pizza is outstanding and the prices are excellent. They have indoor seating and also an outside patio to enjoy the weather. In the same area as Pie for the People is also Joshua Tree Coffee Company. This is a MUST on any coffee lovers list. They serve local organic coffee with less acidity than normal coffee. It’s delicious.

What to do:





Okay Okay of course you’re going to Joshua Tree to visit the National Park. And let me tell you it is a must. The desert landscape is beautiful. Things you need to visit in the national park. Jumbo Rocks (also has one of the most popular camping sites), Cholla Cactus Garden (in the Colorado desert side of the park),  Skull Rock (yes, it does look like a skull in an eerie rock formation), and the Geology Tour Road (it is one of the few dog friendly trails). And the best part is when you enter the park they give you a map with the location of all these fan favorites so it’s super easy to find them!

Also just a note to any pet lovers, like me, who don’t want to leave Fido at home. Dogs are not allowed on the trails. They are however allowed on any paved or unpaved road and in camping areas. I brought my dog Lemon and we still had a fantastic time. Just make sure you bring plenty of water. It is hot in the desert!

Now I hope you’re a bit inspired to make the venture out to Joshua Tree. Adventure Awaits!



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