Inspiration Point Yosemite National Park | Hiking Inspiration Point Yosemite National Park | Hiking Yosemite National Park

Inspiration Point Yosemite National Park | Hiking Inspiration Point Yosemite National Park | Hiking Yosemite National Park

Welp, I think we can all agree that this view is rather beautiful. Yosemite National Park is one of those places that has beauty to offer visitors year round.

But, one of the benefits of visiting the park in the winter is it being less populated…because well yeah it’s slightly freezing and the snow can make for difficult driving conditions. But that snow also makes for a magical fairytale setting where you can’t help but feel like you’re in a winter wonderland!

Inspiration Point

So we set off to hike Insapiration Point, which is known for providing visitors with rewarding photographs and breathtaking views.
And little did my friend know, but it was also about to go down in history as the location where she got engaged. Yeah we’ll get to that good stuff later, read on!

The trailhead for Inspiration Point gets slightly overshadowed since it’s located right behind Tunnel View with its famous Yosemite Valley views…which is, of course, a Yosemite fan favorite since it’s where you can score this epic view!

Because of that, the trail doesn’t get too congested and a lot of Yosemite visitors don’t even know Inspiration Point exists! Those poor lost souls. Hehe!

Once you locate the trailhead across the parking lot your going to hit 1.3 miles of trail that go up up up very quick! This hike is rated at moderate but I wouldn’t recommend it for a novice hiker. It’s out and back so your total mileage will be 2.6.

It obviously doesn’t get its rating due to length but more so because of elevation gain. You’ll be starting at an elevation of 4,400 ft and quickly gaining about 1,000 ft in roughly a mile to reach 5,390 ft at Inspiration Point. The journey up is fun though since you move through dirt trails to snow trails. (Currently!)

And since the trail is rather icy and snow covered, this time of year, it’s a good idea to hike with caution or even bring your crampons!

Okay, finally what you’ve been waiting for, the good stuff…..

When we reached Inspiration Point my job was to distract my friend while her boyfriend got situated to propose. The game plan, get to Inspiration Point, make her think she’s taking a selfie with moi, boyfriend sneaks in to get on one knee. No pressure Jacq you got this!

Well we lucked out, the moment we reached the point she started walking forward to take a pic, boyfriend swoops behind her, she comments on how beautiful the view is, he says “almost as beautiful as you”,  she turns around to say something like… “boy you so corny” but instead this is what she sees.

At first she was in pure shock. For goodness sake she planned this camping trip, she never thought he’d be proposing this weekend!!

You could tell so many beautiful emotions were running through her that she even had to ask out loud if this was really happening. Almost as if she thought it was all just a dream!

Once she realized it was real life and her best friend was asking her to marry him…tears, smiles, kisses, and love was all up in the air and on that mountain!

I was overjoyed to get to play photographer and be a part of this precious moment in their journey together. We lingered on the mountain to take more photos and to allow the newly engaged couple to take in the memory they had just created.

Then the sun started to set and we headed down the mountain to see the sun dancing on the valley below.

It was an overwhelming sight and was gone by the time we reached the trailhead. But the red, pink, and orange colors of the sun on the mountains I will never forget. It was like the sky was overjoyed with what just took place at Inspiration Point and rewarded us with a magical color show!

Now go enjoy Inspiration Point and find your own fairy tale on this breathtaking hike!

Adventure awaits!

P.S. Here are a couple more views of the valley below from the hike.  Enjoy!!


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