Honey Centre Warkworth New Zealand | Honey Tastings at Honey Centre | Auckland Day Trip

Honey Centre Warkworth New Zealand | Honey Tastings at Honey Centre | Auckland Day Trip

Why did the bee get married?!? Well..because he found his honey!

Great joke I know. I got more of those if ya want em honey! Okay Okay all joking aside…While I was traveling New Zealand I noticed in Kiwi culture there seems to be a very high level of respect for the things like the environment, animals, being sustainable, having great ethics, and caring about what you consume. You can find a lot of organic, natural, and ethically produced food products in New Zealand.

That’s why I was so excited to visit the Honey Centre in Warkworth. I was also jazzed because back in the states I’m pretty limited to buying my honey at a grocery store or farmers market. There is no option around me to purchase pure natural honey from a “honey farm”. And there certainly aren’t as many flavors to pick from in my neck of the woods.

honey centre warkworth

The Details

Located a short distance from Auckland (about 50 km) in Warkworth, New Zealand is the Honey Centre. If you’re on your classic New Zealand road trip this is a prime location to jump out of the car, do some serious stretching, use the restroom facilities, grab a bite to eat at the cafe, and get your honey tasting on! Yup that’s right free honey tasting to delight all your little taste buds!

honey centrehoney centrehoney centre warkworth

honey centre warkworthhoney centre warkworth

Honey Tasting

So yes, you did hear me right. You have the option to taste test as many honey samples as your belly can handle. There are so many different options from fruit flavors, to your simple and safe typical honey flavors, then you choose liquid or creamed…and don’t forget the rather unique flavors like avocado, ginger and mochaccino. Try them all and take home your favorites!

honey centre warkworthhoney centre warkworthhoney centre warkworthhoney centre warkworth

Additional Attractions at the Honey Centre

Your visit can include so much more than just stuffing your face with honey. Make sure to check out the Live Bees Display. It’s pretty cool to watch these busy bees go to work in the bee wall. This seemed to be a fan favorite with kids and adults. You can check out various areas of the Centre with bees hard at work producing honey. The Honey Centre stresses the importance of handling their product from start to finish and that is visually showcased throughout the facility. Because of the level of care and pride put into their work, they are able to stand by their honey’s quality.

honey centrehoney centrehoney centre
Before you head back out on the road make sure to visit the cafe and take you pick at a tasty treat. Hot Beverages, breakfast options and lunch choices. But the best treat is probably the ice cream. And after you’ve filled up on honey, coffee, breakfast, and ice cream…you can head back out on the road!

honey centrehoney centre

Additional Resources

Everyone’s buzzing on over to the Honey Centre…Adventure Awaits!

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