Hike So Hard: Flatirons Edition

Hike So Hard: Flatirons Edition

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. -Henry David Thoreau

Ok, so let’s just reflect on the fact that Colorado is amazing. The people here are so active that I feel rather lazy next to them. They’re like superhuman or at the very least they’re drinking/eating some power fruit/berry that the rest of us on this planet, just simply, don’t know about. They need to let us in on their little secret!!

Anyways, back on topic… I arrived in Boulder a couple days ago and immediately got that overwhelming feeling that all the locals were out climbing mountains, doing laps in rivers, or out running hundreds of miles. It didn’t take much time for me to get my butt outside and try to live like a local! So with a suggestion from a local we hit up the Flatirons.

The Flatirons are one of the most iconic sites in Boulder. And we talked ourselves into marching up those Flatirons today. Specifically with only one bladder of water and under 2 hours to make the trek. When in Colorado I guess.

We heard that the hike we MUST complete was called Royal Arch.

I’ll walk you through how to get to this hike since the views are unreal. I do need to mention that this is considered a strenuous hike and remember the elevation can take a toll on some people that aren’t used to it. So use your best judgement. It’s not a very long hike (roughly 3.4 miles) but it does have a steady elevation gain through out. The trail also gets very rocky and steep at points. And if you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself venturing off trail pretty easily!

You’ll wanna park at the base of the Flatirons at Chatauqua Park. From here you have various options for hiking trails. Take a look at the map at the base of the Flatirons to figure out what route you want to take. We wanted to make sure to get as much mountain landscape in as possible so we did over the suggestion 3.4 mile by means of Ski Jump to Bluebird to Royal Arch. On the way down we took Bluebell Road for different scenery.

Here are some unreal pics from what felt like the top of the world!

Okay boys and girls. My thighs are screaming and want a break. I believe it’s time to veg out in the Airbnb and eat some candy, Sourpatch kids to be exact..fingers crossed I don’t eat the whole bag!

*For those of you that aren’t aware sugary candy is my guilty pleasure. I live for it and need it, especially when I travel. 

Adventure awaits…reach for the stars!

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