Hike So Hard: Devil’s Bridge Edition

Hike So Hard: Devil’s Bridge Edition

So most of you don’t really have any idea how much of an actual beast Lemon is. I know I know,  you think I must be making this up for goodness sake she’s 5.6 lbs. Well my friends she’s crazy, just plain nuts. When we hike she starts to get angry about the pace (it’s just way too slow for her adventurous soul) So she bites at my ankles, shoes laces, and socks till the speed is more her pace. AKA we must run to satisfy her needs :/. So while venturing to Devil’s Bridge I decided it was a very fitting name of a hike for my Tiny Monster to be exploring!!!

The Tiny Monster on her way to Devil’s Bridge

Let’s get started.. park at Dry Creek Vista Trailhead.

Okay couple options depending on your hiking abilities. I took Chuckwagon Trail, 4 miles round trip. (Great views, I recommend for peeps that hike.) If you don’t usually hike, take Forest Road 152 which is 3.6 miles round trip. The route options are located at the parking lot.

Chuckwagon provides you with great views, but watch out for mountain bikers, this is a favorite trail for them!

The trail is very easy to follow and once you reach Devil’s Bridge trail it’ll be clearly marked.

It’s a bit of a scrambled the last leg of the trail and make sure you stop at the look out point before you reach the bridge!

Then you’ll arrive at the bridge. Some people were a bit scared to cross but it makes for epic pics if you can muster up the courage. Just don’t look down.  🙂

Adventure awaits, leaving Sedona now.. We’ll see when the wind takes us!

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