Hike So Hard: Cathedral Rock Edition

Hike So Hard: Cathedral Rock Edition


This is why I leave my home, my friends, and all the fun stuff going on to venture into the unknown …for days like this! 

Let’s hike Cathedral Rock!!!

Cathedral Rock impressed me greatly, I haven’t done a hike like this before. It’s a super short hike, only about 1.4 miles but the trail just has you crawling up the whole time.  

You’ll start by parking in the Cathedral Rock Trailhead parking lot and then locate the Cathedral Rock Trail. 

You can see from the map below (which is located at the trailhead) that the trail is just 0.7 up and then 0.7 back down…easy right?!?! Wrong!

When you’re climbing up 600 ft in roughly 0.7 miles and there isn’t much of a clear trail or switch backs to help you out, you’re kinda just bear crawling straight up. Ha! So fun! 

Well unless you’re scared of heights, then not so fun. Lemon was a bit scared as you can see in the image below.The look on her face is priceless. She’s like dude your crazy, I want down now!

In her defense we took this pic after we crawled up this… 

Right, makes a bit more sense now.  But we also got views like this after that crawl.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these guys on the trail. They’re called cairns and they’ll help you stay on track! They’re also great for pics,  just don’t move any of the rocks!

And just keep climbing and climbing…

And then you arrive at this, pure bliss and beauty!! Take it all in. Enjoy!

I followed some people after the trail ended and they took me to this little nook on the left side of the rock formation. We just hung out here for a bit, Lemon took a cat nap, and we basked in the sun.

Hopefully Lemon still loves me after this hike,  she didn’t look to happy with me! She was very spooked on the way down. At some points I had to grab her with one hand and slide down on my butt.

Go explore! Adventure awaits!

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