Hike So Hard: Buckeye Trail

Hike So Hard: Buckeye Trail

For any of you avid hikers out there you’re going to totally laugh at me when I say this, but I thought crampons were a joke…I really did…till today. Till I fell so far behind my hiking group because I could barely walk on the iced over trail and they were just happy and merry gliding along at what seemed like 35 miles a freakin hour with their crampons. Their hike, inspired my new ice dancing career and a ton of soreness all over my body.

So it turns out that crampons are no joke and I’m now a pro ice dancer and literal tree hugger after my 8 mile adventure in “Ice” Land!

Oh and for anyone not aware of what crampons are. They are basically spikes and chains  you harness on your hiking boots so you’re more equipped to hike in icy conditions.
Here’s a link,  to an example from L.L. Bean…in case you’re a visual learner like moi! 

Ok so thank goodness I didn’t take the tiny monster. I thought about it since it it’s slightly warming up, but considering I had to really focus on keeping myself in the up right position… Lemon would have added an additional level of difficulty that may have very well broken me down into tears. I know I know, I sound like a big baby…but we can’t be rock stars daily!!! 

Ok on to the actual hike. Hiked with about 7 people and a German Shepherd through the Buckeye trail and Bridal Path in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. 

I would love to tell you exactly how to do this hike but I would get you completely lost, as it was my first time on this hike. And it always amazes me that people actually know where we’re headed when these blue markings are the trail markers! I’d be lost in a heart beat if out here by myself.  Lemon would certainly have to lead the way!

But I can give you the basic trail directions and you can get yourself a map and take on the challenge. Here you are:

Park at the Jaite trailhead parking lot, take the Buckeye Trail passing Blue Hen Falls and the Boston Store to return on the Bridal Path. I would rate this hike as more advanced and not for a newbie. 

My reasons being: 

1. 8 miles 

2. Hilly and trends to be muddy (in my case it was icy) 

3. Trails can be difficult to stay on if you aren’t with someone who knows the way!

We reached one part of the trail where we had to cross over a partially frozen stream. The first half of the group made it over just fine but then out of nowhere the ice started to give. I of course was crossing last because I was trying to take pictures and by then the ice was cracking everywhere. 
Two people had to shimmy on out and link arms back to land to pull me across and thank goodness then did cause when I was slightly more than half way across the ice broke. I would have been in the stream if they didn’t pull me to land ho! 

Here are some pics of the semi frozen stream and us slowly venturing across it.

One thing you certainty don’t want to miss on this hike in Blue Hen Falls. You can also drive to the falls which then is just a short walk from the parking lot. 

Once you’ve checked out the falls it’s back to the Buckeye Trail where you’ll cross a bridge and some steep steep stairs. They were covered in ice, so thank goodness of the hand rail!

Then we finally made it to the Bridle Path and Tow path to head on back!

Oh and here’s my new pup friend, please don’t tell Lemon I’m cheating on her! Time to head home and take care of the awesome blisters that decided to show up on my heels and accompany me on this ice hike. Ugh!!! 

Adventure awaits!

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