Hike So Hard: Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Edition

Hike So Hard: Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte Edition

Howdy peeps…

I’m currently exploring Arizona. Started the journey this past Wednesday and drove through the night. Lemon didn’t sleep a wink on the way which was rather frustrating! Decided our first stop would be Sedona. 

Got here around 5am which has provided me with total lack of sleep and made it difficult to get rested up to explore. I think The Bubbly Mermaid finally got her groove back today!!! Yay! Girlfriend needs her beauty sleep.

First thing on the agenda…hiking duh!

I figured since my last hiking post was a bit more on the expert level how about I share with you an easy peasy hike in Sedona to show you that you don’t have to put your body through misery to see some amazing stuff!! (Also, let’s not lie…I’m still tired from backpacking and driving so I deserve a break, right?!)

So let’s take a hike through some of Sedona’s most famous scenery…Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. I used an amazing book that you can find in uptown Sedona called 50 Favorite Hikes Flagstaff and Sedona. I highly recommend grabbing this book in town. It is an excellent resource for all your hiking needs .

The trailhead is located at Bell Rock Vista off Highway 179. In the image below Bell Rock is on the left and Courthouse Butte is the formation on the right

When you arrive be prepared to pay for parking, $5.00 for the day or $15.00 for a week pass. And there are a variety of trail options, that are very clearly marked at this trailhead, so feel free to do your own thang! 

But if you wanna follow in my footsteps, let’s get started. Head to your left on Bell Rock Path. You will continue to follow this circling around the large rock formation called Bell Rock. 

Hiking kisses for the tiny monster!

As you venture around you can even take a trail up Bell Rock if you’re feeling a bit daring. This trail is clearly marked, so don’t just start running up any which way, use the marked trail!

Once you reach the backside of Bell Rock you’ll start following the trail marked Courthouse Butte Loop. This will take you around the Courthouse Butte and back to the front side of the formations. 

If you keep your eyes on the rock formations it’s very easy to stay on trail and not get lost. They are great (and not to mention large) land marks!

All right, I’m tired, Lemon’s tired..we’re headed in for the night…although we may splurge and get a Frosty from Wendy’s on the way home! Treats for everyone!
Oh…but great news guys, Lemon hasn’t thrown up on me yet this trip. It’s like she’s growing up! (She is almost a year old ya know!)

My trail dog!!

P.S. It’s her birthday on Nov 28th..ya know if ya wanna treat her to something special. She enjoys difficult hikes, Trader Joe’s Jerky Strips, licking people to death, and long walks (past the fish and birds of course) around PetSmart!!!
One last note: For my novice and newbie hikers out there, the only thing that could make this hike a tad bit harder for you is the distance. It is about a 5 mile loop. So if you haven’t hiked before this is the one thing to be aware of. 

Adventure awaits and so does our bed. Night!

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