Heceta Head Lighthouse | Tour Heceta Head Lighthouse | Oregon Coast Road Trip

Heceta Head Lighthouse | Tour Heceta Head Lighthouse | Oregon Coast Road Trip

I have been so impressed with the state park system here in Oregon. Everything is so easy to understand, so clean, and so beautiful. It’s an outstanding park system offering amazing experiences.

The Heceta Head Lighthouse exceeded my expectations. I was not expecting to have park employees at the lighthouse ready to answer any question and take guests on guided tours.

I also wasn’t expecting such an interactive tour and visit. We spent hours exploring the lighthouse and the grounds around it.

To reach the lighthouse you take a trail up about a 1/2 mile. It’s a pretty quick and easy hike with interactive history lessons on the way. The trail also offers great views of the ocean.

You may want to check out the beach before or after your hike to the lighthouse as it provides great views and good photo opportunities!

The lighthouse was finished being constructed in 1894 and is one of the most visited lighthouses in the US. It is featured in many calendars and is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the United States! It is still a working lighthouse, helping boats and ships stay clear of the violent shallow waters below.

My mom and Kehau went on a tour to explore the interior of the lighthouse. Unfortunately no pups were allowed in the lighthouse so Lemon and I waited for them outside.

They reported back on their new found knowledge. The lighthouse had keepers who lived in quarters close by to the lighthouse. And it wasn’t an easy job to be the keeper you had to keep the light burning from sunset to sunrise. (And remember this was before electricity!) So that meant tending to the light every 2.5 hours through out the night! When electricity was discovered in 1934 the oil lamp was replaced with a bulb and the keeper had to tend to it less often.

The keepers house is now a popular Bed and Breakfast that has rumors floating around about it being haunted by a women “Rue” who may have lost her child, while living on the property, to the rugged Pacific Ocean. There is also a grave on the property, belonging to a child, which further fuels this story. And numerous guests have declared they have seen strange things when staying at the B&B. Some people have even claimed to see the ghost, saying that she is most active during daylight and when renovations, to the property, are being done. Spooky! Stay at the bed and breakfast and maybe you’ll have a Rue story as well.

And don’t miss some of the best views of the lighthouse. The first in located up a small trail behind the lighthouse. You can ask someone at the lighthouse if you can’t seem to locate it. It’ll lead you to a trail with this awesome view!

The second is on Hwy 101. You’ll see a sign for a view point. If you’re driving from the south going north it’ll be slightly after the Sea Lions Cave and before you reach the turn off for the lighthouse. And if you’re driving North to South, if you reach the Sea Caves well then you’ve gone too far.

This location is said to be the location for most of Heceta’s calendar shoots! It was foggy when we visited so unfortunately you can only slightly make out the lighthouse.
Ok we’re out of here.  On the road again. Adventure awaits!

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