Florence, Oregon | Oregon Coast Road Trip | Florence Oregon Coastal City | What To Do In Florence

Florence, Oregon | Oregon Coast Road Trip | Florence Oregon Coastal City | What To Do In Florence

Welp I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love traveling with Lemon but she always makes a road trip (well actually any trip) slightly more difficult. And, Florence caused some puppy problems for us!
As we drove to Florence we got online and reserved a room at the River House Inn. When we arrived a couple minutes later we were so excited about how cute the placed looked. The location was perfect, the best in the city…walking distance to Old Town, right on the Siuslaw River. We were so giddy about it.

Then we suddenly realized we had over looked one of the most important requirements…the beautiful hotel in front of our eyes wasn’t dog friendly. Wah!!! NO LEMON’S ALLOWED. Dreams crushed!

We canceled the room only to discover that the closest dog friendly hotel, The Best Western, was completely booked up. The women at the front desk said we might not even find a hotel in the entire city because of am event going on.

But Ocean Breeze came to save the day. Pet friendly hotel close to Old Town Florence with a dog park. BOOKED!

Then it was time to explore the city!

Best part of Florence’s old town is its location to the Siuslaw Bridge and river. The 140-foot bridge was built in 1936 amd is a beautiful backdrop to the city!

After enjoying the river and bridge views, at sunset, we walked around and set out sights on hunting for food!!! Selected Bridgewater Ocean Fresh Fish House.

This adorable resturant is decked out in zebra decor and has a great vibe. I shared the seafood chowder with my mom and it was absolutely amazing. This is a great spot in Florence for seafood. Go now, fill your belly. Oh, and don’t fret we did take-out so our little friendo Lemon didn’t have to be alone!

Adventure awaits!

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