Coconino National Forest: The road…certainly less traveled! 

Coconino National Forest: The road…certainly less traveled! 

Well…..we totally without a doubt bit off more than we could chew today and it was epic!

So I simply wanted to get closer to the mountain range here in Flagstaff. I didn’t know exactly what I was in for, but I did some research and came up with a plan of action.

The Bubbly Mermaid Plan of Action (Also Named…Not My Best Idea)

US 89 North 14 miles

Forest Road 418 12 miles

Forest Road 151  8 miles

US 180 9.5 miles

Beautiful loop around the San Francisco Peaks! 

P.S. US 89 and US 180 are paved. Forest Road 418 and 151 are not. 

And that was it.  No note of caution that you may destroy your rental car, your dog will go bonkers from the large rocks sticking out of the ground and deep pot holes along the road, or that the tire pressure light in your car will certainly go on after this scenic drive!!! This wasn’t just a dirt road, in some areas it was almost non accessible for my tiny compact rental car. There were even a couple spots where people had made new routes because the non paved route was a disaster. 

My last view….for awhile…at a paved road!

A lot of the dirt road was manageable..thank goodness!

So once we started we were in too deep to turn around. Thus began our stressful epic adventure through the San Francisco Peak.

I ran into 4 cars, ok I lied….I ran into 4 trucks while on the 44 mile loop. I truly was on the road less traveled. At times I was a bit scared since there were no human beings in sight what so ever but the views distracted me.

I don’t recommend this loop through the Coconino National Forest in a car. Obviously it can be done, I’m alive and well… as is Lemon. But it was rather stressful and exhausting. However I am in love with the pictures we got. 
Check out these Aspen trees…holy jeez they were insanely beautiful.  I’d do this stupid loop all over again just to see these trees. I felt like I was in a Disney fairy tale surrounded by these beauties!

I’d like to take a well deserved break from drive….however we’re off to the Grand Canyon. See ya tomorrow. Adventure awaits!

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