Chapin Forest Cross-country Skiing

Chapin Forest Cross-country Skiing

What good is the warmth of summer without the chill of winter! -John Steinbeck

Like I told you before…total honeymoon phase going on right now peeps! We’re doing so well, me and winter that is. 

We went on another date, a rather cheap one I may add…but all and all we had a blast and no one went home with hypothermia! That’s a win in my book. 

With the conditions slightly less than perfect (actually totally less than much ice ice baby) winter and I head out for some cross-country skiing. And I seriously fell 7 times! Thank goodness it wasn’t our first date.

We met up with a handful of other skiiers and took to the trails of the majestic Chapin Forest Reservation

Here at Chapin Forest you can find six miles of trails for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing covering 390 acres! There is also four picnic areas, two playgrounds, and a fishing pond. The trails range from easy to difficult so there is something for everyone!

Rental equipment is avaliable and oh so inexpensive guys! At the Pine Lodge Ski Center you can rent skis for $5.00 for your 1st hour and $2.00 for every hour after or $15.00 for the day. The ski center also has snacks, hot cocoa, and coffee for sale! You can’t beat it.

No real deer was harmed in the making of this, however he is a Buckeyes fan!

Also, at the ski center you can  check out the trail conditions, pick up a map, and roast by the open fire.

I’m pretty sure I just planned out your next snow day. Enjoy….Adventure Awaits!


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