Best Shave Ice In Hawaii | Island Snow | Waiola Shave Ice | Scandinavian Shave Ice

Best Shave Ice In Hawaii | Island Snow | Waiola Shave Ice | Scandinavian Shave Ice

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A trip to Hawaii wouldn’t be complete without some shave ice now would it.
Sharing with you some of my favorite spots for the best shave ice in Hawaii!


1. Island Snow

With two locations and the Obama’s titled as Island Snow “regulars”, it’s a definite stop on the shave ice adventure.

Island Snow is the sleek modern update to the old school ice shave shops. They combine their love for shave ice with a retail store featuring all local made clothing lines.

2. Scandinavian Shave Ice

Located on the Big Island in Kona. (Had to include something for people traveling to Hawaii.) They have been in the shave ice business for over 20 years and are referred to as “Scandi’s” by locals.

The shave ice is delish and the portions are rather generous. I feel like you get the most bang for your buck here. But the other aspect that helps Scandinavian Shave Ice make the list is the location. On the other side of the street is the ocean! You can’t beat eating your shave ice with an ocean front view now can you?!?
3. Waiola’s Shave Ice

Last, but by far not least… my FAVORITE shave ice to ever exist. Don’t be confused Waiola’s looks a bit like a hole in the wall…and well…you literally order your shave ice from a hole in the wall! But that all adds to the shave ice experience.

This tiny shave ice shop located in the heart of Honolulu opened it’s doors in 1940. There are currently 3 locations but I advise visiting the location on Waiola St in Honolulu. You’re experiencing not only the best shave ice here but also taking in a piece of history, since it is the original Waiola mom and pop grocery store.

When I was in college I lived just down the street from Waiola’s. It was a struggle to not stop by everyday and treat myself. I must admit that I was probably there 2-3 times a week. I’m pretty sure I could live off shave ice.

Enjoy! Adventure Awaits!
Tips on ordering Shave Ice…

  • Add ice cream this really makes the shave ice package complete!
  • Ask for mochi, they’ll add some to the bottom of your cone.
  • Top it all off with condensed milk, also known as a snow cap.
  • Bring your friends, shave ice is way better with your pals! ?
  • Voila! It’s time to eat your delicious treat ???

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