Arch Rock Brewing Co | Oregon Brewery | Gold Beach Oregon Microbrewery

Arch Rock Brewing Co | Oregon Brewery | Gold Beach Oregon Microbrewery

A hidden treasure, a secret spot, a local favorite, and a beer lovers dream come true, a microbrewery located in Gold Beach, Oregon.

Imagine you’ve been driving for days and far in the distance you see a beacon of light an oasis in the dark……

A dog friendly, 4 seated tasting room attached to an award winning brewery with 4 delicious craft beers on tap and a friendly staff….Say what?!?! It’s like they knew we’d been on the road for days…no better place to rest and have some laughs.

Sit back and enjoy craft beer at its best!

So glad we discovered Arch Rock, from the reviews we read online we knew we had discovered a hidden gem, we just didn’t know how much of a hidden gem it would be.

We realized this was a true diamond when we walked in and they were more than willing to have Lemon join in on the beer tasting experience. (Note: No Lemon’s consumed alcohol during this tasting, she was just allowed in the tasting room!)

Once we all got cozy in the tasting room we tried their 4 brewed beers. Gold Beach Lager, Pistol River Pale, State of Jefferson Porter, and their rotating beer which happened to have just been tapped and was my IPA. They were all delicious!

You get to taste these 4 for free then you decide what your taste buds want to invest in. Full glasses are only $3.00 and they also offer growers so you can take the party home with you.

While we were there a steady stream of locals stopped in to fill up their growlers. This was when we knew we had discovered a local hot spot. Most of the locals we talked to said they feel so lucky to have an award winning microbrewery so close to their doorsteep.. They were also excited to try the newest rotating brew.

If you find yourself in Gold Beach make sure to stop in to Arch Rock Brewing Co. and taste some of the best beers that’ll ever touch your lips. No joke, adventure awaits!

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