Alaska : The Last Frontier Part 2

Alaska : The Last Frontier Part 2

We’re back in Alaska! Today we’ll be starting in Anchorage and traveling to the small fishing town of Seward. And of course stopping at all the sights on the way!


Stopping to visit the most populated city in Alaska should be on your list while visiting the Last Frontier. During the summer you can find live bands playing in the park, street vendors with reindeer dogs, and tons of cute shops and restaurants to roam in and out of.

One of my favorite shops Kobuk Coffee, located in Anchorage, is a great place to stop at. Here you can find unique souvenirs to bring home to friends and loved ones. I brought home some fantastic loose tea from here. They also have a coffee and bakery shop in the back, so you can get yourself a treat and pick up treats for everyone on your list!

If you’re looking for great food and a fun atmosphere, in Anchorage, I’d suggest Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria. With great beers on tap and outstanding pizzas this was one of my favorite spots. They also do beer samplers so you can try all the fan favorites!

I was also very excited to find a food cart with reindeer dogs. They were absolutely delicious and not something you get to try everyday.  If you have the opportunity to try one,  you should! P.S. Reindeer is just another term used for caribou here in Alaska.

Okay, now that we ate our way through Anchorage it’s time to start the trek to Seward because there some cool places you need to stop at along the way.

Starting with the city of Girdwood which is 40 miles south of Anchorage. Here we’re visiting the ski resort Alyeska Resort

Alyeska is a four-star ski resort that has something for everyone.  Visiting during the winter months and you’re ready to get your skiing on. Visiting during the summer months and take the aerial tram up 2,300 feet to enjoy the observation deck and views of Alaska. You can also enjoy hiking and biking at Alyeska.

After visiting Alyeska or even staying at the resort you’ll need to visit Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in Portage.

The conservation is a non-profit organization that focuses on education and animal care to preserve the animals of Alaska. They rehab animals here to reintroduce them into the wild.  When visiting you will fall in love with the bears.

You can get up close and personal with them. This was a jaw dropping experience for me. The animals have so much freedom here and you feel like you’ve been invited into their natural habitats. There are walkways over the bear structure, from these view points you can really get an understand of how powerful these animals are and how they live there lives. I followed a bear and her little cub around for a good 30 minutes! It was adorable!

After these two stops it’s time to head out  the hour and a half drive to Seward. Make sure to look out for wildlife in the way,  Moose, caribou deer, eagles, bears, you name it. Once in Seward there are a variety of things to do.

SewardIf you’re hungry at this point, the sea side restaurant of Chinooks should be calling your name. With their locally sourced menu and views of the charter boats coming into the docks this is one extremely popular restaurant. You can even watch the Alaskan wildlife play outside, from your dinner table. Chinooks gets extremely busy during popular eating times so plan ahead!  Now that your belly is full it could be on the agenda to take a charter out to catch yourself some Alaskan fish. If you plan on doing this you must plan ahead. These charters fill up fast. They’re located right behind Chinooks, so if you aren’t able to get out on the water you can at least watch the boats when they arrive at the dock. It’s a lot of fun to watch them prepare the fresh fish that they caught that day!Another great place to visit in Seward is the Alaska Sealife Center. The purpose of the Sealife Center is to rehabilitate animals and educate the public. Therefore this isn’t your typical aquarium. While at the marine science center you see an amazing number of animals and birds being cared for so they can one day be released back in their natural habitat. The center is great for kids too, very interactive and entertaining.

I made friends with some pretty curious penguins here. The room in which they’re in is amazing because they literally walk right up to you. Staff is in the room to advise you not to touch the penguins but without the little guys being behind glass they do get rather friendly.

So that’s it my friends. Lots to see…Lots to do in the Last Frontier ..I’m sure you’re slightly exhausted just like us! Till next time…adventure awaits!

Nap Time!!!!!!

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